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Pinkman is a character of the Space Pals series. He is a being of unknown origin who somehow managed to end up in space, with no recollection of his past.


Pinkman is a pink man, or maybe a boy, his age isn't really specified, with a purple hat and purple bow tie. This changes, however, after the first episode, where he wore clothes to match the residents of the Jungle Planet.



When they first met, SpaceBee wasn't too kind to Pinkman, however, they soon became good friends, as the celestial insect found Pinkman to be a funny little guy.


Although SpaceRock is generally annoyed by Pinkman as he is with many things, Pinkman seems to care for him, and even stood up for him when he was being bullied by PurpleRock & GreenRock in "Lost in Space."


The enthusiastic SpaceTaco is pretty much always happy to be around Pinkman. Pinkman also seems to like SpaceTaco, as he finds him to be an entertaining fellow. While SpaceBee quickly got bored of SpaceTaco's spacetour in "Lost in Space," Pinkman seemed to enjoy it, and even wanted to stay when SpaceBee suggested that they'd leave.